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Pastel work has been part of my repertoire for most of my drawing career. Over the years, experimentation with various papers, and differing brands of materials resulted in a successful marry of oil pastels and chalk to offer not only the depth and strength of oil pastels, but also the subtlties and lightness of chalk pastels. Often, other materials were added to the mix for more variety. Here are samples of portrait and figurative studies using primarily the pastel-mix to accomplish the look I wanted. The original works are sizable, and with the smaller presentation, sometimes the nuances of the "scribbled" notation are lost..


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 © Family dog portraitGinger Cat ©Pepsi, a Black Stallion:  Mixed media © C. Greig-Manning
Caribbean girlBirthday ©  Sharing
"Bob" © SariYouthful Thoughts ©

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